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CMP 2015-16

Resource Room and its utilization.

Arranged an activity cum teaching learning resource room with a digital copier and a computer with internet facility. Purchased CDS of film show suitable for children and other educational CDS. Arranged film show using LDC projector in the audio visual room. Activity sheets prepared, charts and other items purchased to furnish the activity room. Displayed the various articles like painting and projects in the activity room and class rooms.

   Availability and  utilization of TLM.

 A sum of Rs 1000 per month is utilized for purchase of TLM as per teacher’s demand. All the teachers are making use of TLM available in the resource room

  Class library, News letter, observance of special days, exhibition of student’s work

A minimum of   50 to  60  books are issued to class teachers to set up class library. They are issued from time to time to the students with the help of librarian. Children are asked to write  book reviews from class III to V . Hanging library is set up in each class by the collection of books and magazines from children with the help of librarian and class teachers library cards had been introduced to all students from classes to onwards. A Vidyalaya level news letter including all the CMP activities of the Vidyalaya has  published in the month of March.


Special days like No bag day, Childrens’ day  Christmas  Onam ,Pongal Population day book week bal swachh abhiyan constitution day ,education  day  etc are observed. E time table is followed in all the classes of primary and one E classroom has been set up for primary.

    Film shows ,Community lunch, Sports activities, Excursion etc.

Conducting of friendly activities like film shows are  carried out frequently. A time table has been prepared for film show and children are shown various films accordingly. Film shows are carried out monthly twice for each class .All the films are purchased from children’s film society of India.

Community Lunch.

 We have arranged community lunch   fortnightly. It creates a sense of   adjusting with various tastes of students coming from different types of families. It will also add to the quality of sharing their food with each other. By this they gradually develop a tendency of sharing with others and relish their food.      

Grand parents day in the vidyalaya was celebrated in the month of October 15.10.2015 

All the cultural items were well appreciated by the gathering. All most all the grant parents whose spoke mentioned about the specialty of this kind of celebration. No other organization has such celebration except KVS.


        Cluster level sports and CCA were held at different kv schools on 07.10.2015. 

Our Vidyalaya stood first in ballthrow , second in chess and third in hindi speech.61 students participated in various items of CCA & sports.Vidyalaya level CCA is going on regularly as per schedule. Items like English & Hindi calligraphy , English and Hindi Story telling ,English and Hindi extempore , Hindi & English recitation , drawing and painting , quiz, solo song , Group Dance & Action song and group song are already completed.

       Clubs like Art club , Music club, Nature & science club ,Mathematics and IT &,Reading and literary clubs are formed in the primary. Club activities are carried out on every alternate week.Our Vidyalaya sports day is to be celebrated in the month of December.


       Bal-diwas, community lunch and no bag day was celebrated on 16.11.2015 

As a part of no bag day various  competitions  were arranged and given prizes . Games like book balancing frog jump and rocking the city were arranged . Fancy dress competition added much colour to the celebration .Talent show was also arranged.

  Field trip and study tour . 

Classes I, and  II  are to be taken to Vijay park Allapuzha and classes III, IV & V are to be taken to Magic planet Trivandrum in the second week of December.

   Cubs and bul bul : 

 49 bulbuls and 68 cubs are registered , and given full uniform. Activities are going on regularly.Record is also maintained.


 Impact of CMP on  childrens learning outcomes.


By conducting  above mentioned activities the children have very good impact in their learning process. It also creates   interest in learning by doing.   



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