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  • 2015 

  • Panel inspection -08.12.2015 to 09.12.2015

  • Hindi week celebrated from 1st September to 15th Sep.

  • Painting competition conducted on 2015-09-16

  • Teachers day celebrated on 4th Sep.

  • Onam celebrated on 2015-08-26

  • Social Science Exhibition conducted on 2015-07-22.

  •  Independence day celebrated  -15.08.2014

  • Sanskrit  week celebrated in the Vidyalya from 7th auguest to 13th auguest 2014.Different competitions organized during  the week likes Gita recitation, Quiz on Ramayana, group song in sanskrit, story telling in Hindi, Essay writing in Hindi. more than 95 students took part in these competitions. 54 students got prizes in different competiitons. 

  • School Level AEP training inaugrated-04.08.2014 

  • Mrs.Rachel  andMr.Vinod   B attended  the Nodel Teacher  Training  at KVNAD  Aluva.

  • Mrs.Sulekha Rani(PGT  Chemistry)attended  5 days’  workshop  at  ZIET  Mysore  as resource  person  for  preparation  of Resourse Material  of Chemistry 

  • Mrs.Raji .B.Nair  and Mrs. Bindhu  attended  courses  at ZIET  Mysore  on ASL  in Hindi  and English  for primary.Mrs.Sulekha  Rani (PGT  Chemistry,attended  the Master  Trainers   of AEP Training   at Goa
  • Mr.Abraham Mathew   attended  a  programme  at ZIET   Mysore  for enrichment  in maths learning
  • On Aug 2nd   a team  of  26  students  participated  at  KV Pattom  for Cluster  Level  Social Science  Exhibition  in group song  ,Group Dance ,Hindi and English Debate
  • Social Science   Exhibition  was held  at  school  level  on July  31st .Several  exhibits  ,charts ,models  of Orissa  and Greece  were exhibited

  • Mrs.Pramila  ASL  training  at ZIET  Mysore

  • Mrs.Priya  andMrs.Bindu   attended  the Basic  training  for  guides.

  • Mrs.Sulekha Rani attended  the  Advanced training  for Guides.
  • Guidence  andCouncelling  Wing
  • Guidence  and Councelling  Wing  is vibrant  Experts  from  several  areas are  roped  in to  give  talks  to students
    •                    1.       Mrs.Uma –Talk on  prevention  of Tobacco  Misuse
  •                    2.       Mrs.Sheeja  (IT Expert)gave talk  on  Cyber Crime
  •                    3.       Ms.LindaSkariah –Talk on  option  in  Safety Engineering
  •                    4.       Mr.SajiSurendran-Talk on memory  Enhancement
  •                    5.       Adv.Rasheed-Talk  on Legal  Empowerment
  •                    6.       .Mrs.Rani Mathew –Talk on  possibilities  of nano  Technology
  •                    7.       Child Line Alappuzha  Counsellors-Talk on  Child Absue
  • Mr.Ajayan(TGT Sanskrit),Mr.Vinod B(PGT  Computer Science) and Mr.Rammohan(PRT)  Training  on  Gender  Sensitation  at KV Naval Base
  •  SUMMER VACATION -04.05.2014 TO 22.06.2014
  •  SECONFD PRE BOARD TIMETABLE -08.01.2014 TO 24.01.2014
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